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Custom Burner is a Python script that allows to burn CD/DVDs on multiple computers. It's composed of a server, that handles CD requests, and a client module, that burns the CDs as instructed by the server.

Each client can work with one burner device; so you can run multiple clients on the same computer if you have more burners.

The modules communicate through a network connection.


The latest version is 0.7. You can dowload it from the SourceForge project page.

If you want to help with the development of Custom Burner, you can download the latest snapshot from the Subversion repository.

Project information

This project was created by rigo and is currently hosted by those great folks at SourceForge.

The project was initially started on BerliOS, and then moved to SourceForge in May 2014.


You can find system prerequisites and installation information in the README file of the latest version


Custom burner currently has only a text-mode interface.

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